Fighting for a BETTER, SAFER, FREER life for YOU

Better     ★     Safer     ★     Freer

You deserve a better, safer, freer life. In fact, you have a God-given right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Unfortunately, there are predators in our free society who don't respect your rights. They rob you of what you've worked hard for. They steal your child's innocence, assault you, and sometimes take your very life. I work to stop these predators in their tracks by making them face the consequences of their actions.

And for young, nonviolent offenders who own their conduct and wish to change their ways, I provide responsibility-based opportunities for them to journey from burden to blessing in our community.

So the bottom line is I work to hold evildoers accountable and give good people a second chance so you and your family will have what you deserve - a better, safer, freer life!

About Greg

District Attorney Greg Willis is Collin County's chief prosecutor. His highest duty is to seek justice at all times. He also runs the county's largest law firm - the District Attorney's office - a staff of over 120...

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