Fighting for a BETTER, SAFER, FREER life for YOU

Making A Difference

Dear friends, supporters, and constituents,

As I seek another four years as your District Attorney here in Collin County, I’m proud to report many significant successes by our office as our team seeks to faithfully execute our mission statement of pursuing justice and protecting our community.

We strive every day to make Collin County the safest, and best place, to raise a family or run a business in America.

In the last few years, I have closely partnered with our local police chiefs to identify and address emerging criminal justice and public safety issues. Because of my commitment to support our police officers – to Back the Blue – from the crime scene to the courtroom, officers can now call one of my prosecutors anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend, for legal support and guidance. This is making a huge difference for our county.

Our Special Prosecution Unit is charged with working closely with law enforcement to target “Impact Offenders” – those violent or habitual criminals that seek to prey on our citizens and communities here in Collin County. Since taking office, I have also ramped up our response to officer involved shootings and use of force cases. These important cases demand a level of training, teamwork, and transparency to guarantee justice for every citizen and continued respect for law enforcement and the court system.
My office is filled with dedicated prosecutors, investigators, and support staff who accomplish amazing things on almost a daily basis. I believe they represent “You the People” well.

We have had a string of recent courtroom successes in high profile cases. In fact, two cases from last year have been featured on NBC’s Dateline, and another one should air in the next few months.
Our experienced and skilled prosecutors are highly sought-after trainers in areas such as ethical courtroom advocacy, forensic science, gang prosecution, and homicide investigation and prosecution.
And if you visit our office, whether in person, or virtually via our new official Facebook page or Twitter account, or by attending our popular Citizens Prosecutor Academy, you will get to meet “Winston”–our English bulldog who is specially trained to provide comfort and therapy to crime victims. Winston is the first-ever four-legged employee of the DA’s Office and the first-ever certified therapy dog in the Collin County Courthouse. Connect to our office here.

Because I recognize that justice must be tempered with mercy, we have revamped our diversion program for youthful first-time non-violent offenders to add a unique public-private partnership that seeks to keep those deserving a second chance out of the criminal justice system. By partnering with private sector providers like churches and other faith-based organizations, we are seeking to break the cycle of incarceration by teaching job and life skills and providing local mentors and role models.
On a personal note, I was honored to be chosen by my fellow Texas Prosecutors to serve on the board of directors of our state-wide organization–TDCAA.

Also, just this year, I was informed I had been selected to become a member of the Texas Prosecutors Society–a small, exclusive honorary organization for those who have achieved success as a prosecutor. I’m truly humbled to serve in these roles and help lead Texas prosecutors forward on important issues.
Whether it’s vigorously prosecuting violent or habitual criminals, giving a second chance to some deserving young first-time offenders, or supporting police and crime victims, my goal as your district attorney will always be to pursue justice and keep Collin County safe.

I sincerely appreciate your support and I look forward to serving you for four more years! Thank you for your vote.

Greg Willis
Your Collin County District Attorney